Bring it Home

Meetings, events, tournaments, and conventions are great for our community.

We’re having a moment here in Buffalo. Let’s make the most of it.

Meetings, events, tournaments, and conventions are a great way to show the world what a truly remarkable place Buffalo is. They also mean big business for our region. If you belong to an organization that has an event coming up, let us know. We’ll do all the heavy lifting — all you’ll have to do is feel like a hero.

Here’s what you do: contact us.

If you belong to a group with an upcoming meeting, event, tournament, or convention, we’d love to talk about helping you bring it home. To get the ball rolling, email Mike Even, Visit Buffalo Niagara’s Vice President of Sales, or give him  a call at (716) 218-2927. We’ll take it from there.

Here’s what we do: everything else.

Our services are free of charge and we’re ready to make the calls, establish the contacts, and take care of all the details that will bring your event home to Buffalo.

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Bring It Home: Sally Cunningham


We’ll put it together.

From initial phone calls to checking hotel and venue availabilities, we’ve got this.

We’ll host a visit.

We’ll coordinate your team’s trip to Buffalo and show them a great time.

We’ll close the deal.

When it’s time to make the big pitch to your site selection team, we’ll be there.

We’ll promote attendance.

Landing the event is just the first step. Making it a roaring success comes next.

Everything and anything else.

Don’t worry about the headaches and hassles — we love taking care of that stuff. All you’ll have to do is relax and soak up the praise.

They brought it home, you can too!
Jonathan Schultz & Dan Neaverth Jr.

Our region is alive with excitement from the waterfront to the medical corridor, complimented by our rich history. As ambassadors we should all now be asking, ‘why not Buffalo?’ You never know what might happen.”
Daniel J. Neaverth Jr., National Homeland Security Conference

“Being a border community, the Buffalo Niagara region is a great place for homeland security experts and colleagues from around the country to come and learn what we do here. This is also a great opportunity to showcase all the growth the region has had in the last 10 years.”
Jonathan Schultz, National Homeland Security Conference

“I consider Visit Buffalo Niagara an integral team member, from having our committee meetings at their offices to managing the site visit of our conference planner, to evaluating hotels, exhibit and trade venues, party locations and transportation.”
Barbara Campagna, The Association for Preservation Technology, International

“Having guests see what I know first hand – the people, the art, the theatre, the energy of Buffalo –is the clincher. On every street corner, there is something new. Our Board Members have been wowed.”
Kimberly Kociencki, SPLiCE Licensors

“You probably know your industry’s conference style. And you probably remember what made one convention great and another one just… not memorable. Well, you just tell VBN the specs and they flesh it out. They know the hospitality biz—the hotels and convention spots and our strongest tour and entertainment offerings. It’s like a theater production: you and your members provide the play. VBN figures out the sets, the sound, the lighting and even the budget!”
Sally Cunningham, Garden Writer’s Association

“It just made all the sense in the world: great venues and low costs. It’s great to be able to bring that type of economic activity to a town I dearly love.”
William Vanecek, American Association of Airport Executives

“It gives you great pleasure to be able to show off that Buffalo is doing something and making progress. The development of Canalside, the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park and HarborCenter is a magnet to drawing additional people to the convention.”
Jim Bojanowski, American Legion ­ State of New York

“We’re getting to the point where Amherst is being recognized as a center of excellence for youth hockey. When you go places and  tell them you’re from Amherst, NY, they know where you are. When you see businesses succeed from the tournaments brought in, that’s good for everybody. When you go on a Tuesday night and see restaurants packed with the kids that you brought to town through these tournaments, that’s a pretty good feeling.”
Bob Schell, USA Hockey