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Made by Anatomy

Buffalo’s indie scene breaks the mold. Our city has such a wonderful renegade fashion spirit unlike anyplace else. We basically created DIY before it was cool.

Thanks to the Roycroft Campus, we have a rich history in the American arts and craft movement. This was a place that printers, furniture makers, metalsmiths, leather smiths and bookbinders came together to create.

That same spirit is alive today in all of our local artists, designers and boutiques, who bring that handcrafted experience to each and every piece that is created in Buffalo. It’s time to take a detour from your favorite tried-and-trusted mall hot spots.

Start in the heart of the city, where screen printing and letterpress is alive at Western New York Book Arts. From classes to craft, WNYBAC has its finger on the pulse of Buffalo, offering prints galore and t-shirts that say “”Buffalo hates you too” in their gift shop.

For the bride-to-be looking for that special item for her big day, Made by Anatomy is enchanting. Located in the grand Hotel @ The Lafayette, Ali Eagen offers custom made bridal and formalwear. She also has an array of beautiful bridal accessories by local designers.

Next up is the Elmwood Village, a thriving neighborhood with some of the best shopping (and restaurants) in Buffalo. For the jewelry obsessed, head over to Wild Things, and if you’re hungry stop by Vera or Kuni’s located right next door. After your hands are filled with chunky silver statement pieces, Thin Ice is another local shop that supports artists from WNY. It’s like Etsy comes to life!

Want to soak up the true artistic culture of Buffalo? Look no further than the Burchfield Penney Art Center, sparking the connection between art and artisans in our city. Offering a broad range of work by local artists, you can find handcrafted jewelry and some really cool collectibles.

— Erin Habes