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Ethnic Dining

Authentic Burmese, Korean, Szechuan, Ethiopian, and Thai fare abound in a community bursting with eager new Americans, excited to share the food of their homeland with WNY’s voracious appetite. Ethnic dining is a highlight of visiting and living in the Buffalo area. Some of our favorites are below.

Koreana: Homestyle Korean food in a nice, clean atmosphere. Be sure to try the pork kalbi if it’s available, and the bibimbap is divine. Koreana really excels with its simple banchan service.

Miss Hot Café: A favorite among Buffalo chefs, this Szechuan house does hot pot better than anyone else, but everything on the menu is fantastic.

Peking Quick One: Be sure to ask for the “secret” menu, which is really just a list of very authentic Chinese cuisine. Due to the owners’ upbringing in the Northern part of China, potato and other hearty ingredients many don’t’ associate with Chinese cooking can be found in this restaurant’s delicious fare.

Sun: Specializing in dishes featuring forbidden rice, with a fair number of more American Chinese offerings for your timid friends, Sun really excels at brining the fascinating and exotic flavors of Burma to life. The papaya salad, Ono Koksware, and other traditional Burmese dishes are not to be missed.

West Side Bazaar: Dive right in! This organization provides space and tools for small micro-restaurants to blossom. In one stop you can enjoy food from Ethiopia, Burma, Peru, Thailand, and others.

Middle Eastern: several take out restaurants specialize in delicious food, including Sinbad Market on Delaware Avenue in Kenmore, where a perfectly timed visit can result in straight-of-the-oven bread to complement your falafel and hummus. Shish Kabab Express, located just around the corner on Hertel Avenue, is a cash and carry sort of place as well, but its samoon and shwarma are special.

Indian: There are plenty of Indian restaurants in WNY, and everyone has their favorite, but Taj Grill offers incredible food, full of fresh ingredients and bright flavors. It’s also a clean and casual restaurant, nice enough for a date, and friendly enough for a family.

— Christa Glennie