Whitney & Jordan


Whitney & Jordan

Whitney & Jordan and their child

Holding her newly-crafted wooden top, three-year old Mira Garrow was photographed with her parents Whitney Nephew and Jordan Garrow at Kidsfest at Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts. The family resides in Seneca Territory in Irving, New York and have made the drive to attend the festival for years.

“We come for one day and like to visit the Dance Tent, I really enjoy watching dance,” says Whitney. “We brought Mira to the festival when she was just born. At this point, everything is a new experience for her, and we wanted her to experience this, she loved making the top. We just saw The Slyboots Circus, she loved it,” Whitney added.

Jordan and Whitney come to Buffalo, they say, to attend another annual event, Buffalo Infringement Festival.

“We look for when Babushka is performing, we follow them, they’re improv comedy,” says Jordan. “We also come to Buffalo for poetry slams at The GypsyParlor, and have come for events at Silo City,” Whitney added.

“We love coming to Buffalo,” says Jordan. “For the variety of things to do, the variety of cultures. We always look for a new ethnic place to eat: Indian, Ethiopian, Mediterranean, or Middle Eastern.”

“Buffalo is what you make it,” says Whitney, “it’s about the people who you connect with here. We’ve made great connections.”