Tracy & Randy

Tracy and Randy Newell from Cleveland, Ohio | Spotted at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site

Tracy and Randy drove three hours from Cleveland for a baseball and history-infused weekend. They were spotted in the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site and were excitedly awaiting the beginning of their tour through the room where TR took the oath of the office in 1901. “Before coming here, we went to Founding Fathers,” says Tracy. “We love that it’s a very presidential pub. The servers were fun, and we were asked several trivia questions.” “We’re staying in a hotel downtown,” Randy says, “close to the baseball stadium. The TR Site was a late add-on to our trip, and we are happy that we found it by searching online.” “I love all the architecture here,” says Tracy, “it’s so diverse and I can’t help but notice how the old buildings are being reused, especially the old mansions along Delaware Avenue.” “I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that we are huge Buffalo Bills fans,” says Randy, “I’m a born Bills fan.” “There’s no beef on weck in Cleveland,” says Tracy, “we just had one at Colter Bay – it’s so good!” “We’re really enjoying bopping around Buffalo,” says Randy, “Go Buffalo!”

Photo and story by Nancy J. Parisi