Tanisha & Danny

Tanisha Harris and Danny Blasz at Buffalo’s Pride Parade

Danny Blasz, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, always travels back to Buffalo for the annual Pride Parade. “It’s our tradition!” says Danny. “I come the weekend of the parade and then we have brunch with some friends – today we were at a friend’s house nearby – and go to the parade together. Afterward, we bar hop along Elmwood toward Canalside and then go to the after-party there.” “We went to @clubmarcella last night at the new location, there’s more space, it’s beautiful, and they have a new outdoor patio that’s much larger than their last one,” adds Tanisha. “After the parade,” says Danny, “we’ll go to Savoy first. It’s such a great day. Happy Pride!”

Story and photo by @nancyjparisi