Stan & Trent


Stan & Trent

Stan & Trent outside the Martin House

On the road for a tour of Northeast colleges, father and son Stan and Trent Jesionowski of Monroe, Indiana, stopped in Buffalo for two very specific reasons: to eat at a Polish restaurant and see the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House.

“There are no Polish restaurants in Indiana,” Stan said, “and we knew that Buffalo is a big Polish town. We can buy frozen pierogi, of course, but it’s not the same. We went to Polish Villa 2 in Cheektowaga to try some of the things that my dad has talked about.”

They also stopped at Niagara Falls where they were dazzled by the fireworks, but the main event was seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Buffalo masterpiece.

“Seeing the Darwin Martin House was our number one ranked thing to do in Buffalo,” Stan noted. “My brother-in-law is an architect and owns a Wright residence in Illinois, the E. Arthur Davenport House, that he’s restored.”

Father and son were impressed by the Martin House and pleased to see that it had been completely restored as well.

“Buffalo is our last stop and now we’re heading home,” Stan added as they took one last look at the Martin House campus.