Louis & Daniel

Louis “Chunky” Gonzalez, photographed with Daniel Nieves, Jr., was thrilled to be visiting Buffalo for the 20th Annual Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade. He was spotted in Niagara Square for the day of performances, food, and music and was happy to share the details of his visit. “I’ve lived in Atlanta for 18 years and I grew up on Buffalo’s lower West Side – I miss the community here,” says Chunky, adding, “There is nothing like Buffalo food, it’s like no other!” When asked about his favorite restaurants Chunky (he says it’s alright to call him his nickname) says, “First I go to a Greek restaurant, Mythos on Elmwood, I have to get my souvlaki. I always go to Just Pizza for wings, barbecue, char-grilled, and a steak pizza with hot peppers! Those are my go-tos! The Italian food in Atlanta is alright, but it’s not quite as authentic as what you can get here in Buffalo.” When asked about the Hispanic Day Parade, he says, “What’s so great about this festival is it’s a way to demonstrate our culture to the city. You can’t believe how many faces I’ve seen, just in the last hour! This is such a great celebration of Puerto Rican culture – and all Latin cultures!”

Story and photo by @nancyjparisi