Linda & Barb

Linda and Barb, fiancées who live in the Village of Silver Creek in Chautauqua County, were lounging in signature @larkinsquare Adirondack chairs, enjoying live music under The Boardwalk after sampling various offerings from nearby food trucks. Linda and Barb regularly come to Buffalo for music and other cultural events. “I’m a Food Truck Tuesday virgin,” says Linda, “and this is absolutely great. There’s live music and I came, drank beer, and ate copious amounts of food.” “The people-watching is great,” says Barb, “My favorite thing that I ate tonight was from @thegreataussie, it was make your own sandwich but you can get it as a salad – and with a fried egg on top. As I was walking through the crowd several people asked me what it was — it was really good. We will definitely be back soon to try more, this is such a perfect summer evening event.”

Story and photo by @nancyjparisi