Julie & Megan

Julie and Megan met in graduate school and stayed close, despite Julie staying in Bellingham, Washington and Megan moving to Portland, Oregon. Julie, originally from Buffalo, had a busy, action-packed week planned for them. In the BUF spotted them enjoying the live jazz performed by The Skiffle Minstrels on the lawn of The Mansion. When asked what things they had seen and done Julie says, “Last night we went to Buffalo RiverWorks and had drinks on the water. And yesterday we got Reddy Bikeshare and rode around Forest Lawn and Delaware Park. Earlier today we went to the Outer Harbor — it’s really improved since I saw it last. I love how they’ve kept all of the old buildings intact with public spaces around them.” Megan confirms that their time in Buffalo has been non-stop. “Julie has told me a lot about growing up here and it sounded interesting. It’s developing, and it’s so diverse. And there is so much cool architecture here, art – and music.” “I like that the whole city is so bikeable now,” Julie adds, “everyone is biking and there are different bike tours – it’s really great!”