Judy-Dores & Family

A group of seven family members (Juny, Marcelle, Shanice, Henri, Judy-Dorés, Edna, and Ernest), who traveled via car to Buffalo from Ouest Pierrefonds, Quebec, wanted “To see the second-largest city in New York State,” says Judy-Dorés, adding “we had friends who came to Buffalo and loved it – and recommended it to us. Everybody is talking about Buffalo.” The family was seen posing for photos alongside Buffalo’s Robert H. Jackson U.S. Federal courthouse on Niagara Square, admiring its etched glass copy of the U.S. Constitution and yellow stone. Henri (in yellow shirt), who works in Canadian immigration, said he and his family “Went to Niagara Falls, and we saw both sides, it’s all so beautiful.” Shanice, Henri’s daughter, says “We had very delicious Vietnamese food in Amherst outside of Buffalo, at Red Pepper. I liked my fried vegetables and noodles so much I photographed them and posted them on my social media.” Spending two days in Buffalo, not too far away in a downtown hotel, the family was also headed to Canalside, which they had heard about through their friends, and were looking forward to admiring more of the city architecture – downtown and in different neighborhoods.

Story and photo by @nancyjparisi