Juan, Xiomara, Joeli & Rob

Juan and Xiomara Ramos from Paterson, New Jersey, visiting their daughter, Joeli Ramos and Rob Limoncelli | Spotted at Wilkeson Pointe

In the BUF spotted Juan and Xiomara of Patterson, New Jersey, relaxing in the distinctive turquoise-colored Adirondack chairs at Wilkeson Pointe on a Sunday afternoon. They were in town visiting their daughter Joeli, her boyfriend Rob, and their wiggly puppy, Bowie. Joeli translated. Juan and Xiomara visit a couple of times a year. “We love Buffalo, and we like to see our usual spots – Niagara Falls, Elmwood Village, and downtown Buffalo. This trip we went to see the Cave of the Winds for the first time,” says Juan. “It was really a perfect thing to do on a summer day. We like walking around downtown, looking at the architecture along Main Street and near City Hall.” The family had a busy day planned. “We went to Betty’s for breakfast,” says Joeli, “and now we are spending time on the waterfront. We love Wilkeson Pointe and the view. We did get Fat Bob’s for takeout a few nights ago. Later tonight we’re having dinner at Tappo. We do like to keep busy when my parents visit.” “I like the food and the beer in Buffalo,” says Juan, “we went to Pour Taproom on Pearl Street for the first time, where you can pour your own beer.” “It’s awesome there,” says Joeli.

Photo and story by Nancy J. Parisi