John & Michelle

John and Michelle, of Jupiter, Florida, were spotted merrily shopping their way up and down the aisles of Vidler’s 5 & 10 in East Aurora. Michelle’s mom lives in Western New York and Michelle lived in East Aurora until she was eight. “I just ate my first beef on weck at Bar Bill down the street,” John says. “It was awesome! It was great! It was more than I expected. It was gone before I could put horseradish on it,” he says, laughing. “Bar Bill is our family hot spot, it’s our first stop when I get here,” Michelle says. The couple also visited Emery Park and John marvels at the landscape. “Everything is so green and hilly and rocky. We have palm trees and sandy beaches. That’s the highlight of here, the nature, the outside. You can come here for the weather and atmosphere, any season.” Has John been to East Aurora in winter? “I’ve been in snow up to my ankles, at most, in Georgia,” he says. “I want to experience deep snow!”