Jennifer & James

Jennifer and James Mroz from Bloomington, Illinois | Spotted at Buffalo Central Terminal, a Play/Ground 2021 site

Visiting Buffalo Central Terminal for the first time was mom-son travel team Jennifer and James from Bloomington, Illinois. They were checking out several PLAY/GROUND 2021 sites that they’d learned about online. They were also happy to see – and participate in – what the PLAY/GROUND website called “A community-involved art project where we prime, install and paint park benches,” featuring the work of five artists on ready-for-sitting park benches. Jennifer and James were seated on the bench by artist Lisa Brown, with the message “The Gathering Place” on its back. “We heard about PLAY/GROUND on Visit Buffalo Niagara’s site,” says Jennifer. “We’re in Buffalo for five days and have been finding fun activities for each day. We visited, and loved, Canalside and we rented paddleboats. We also went to see Niagara Falls at night.” “We really like that Canalside is a great place to chill and the paddleboats were super-reasonably priced,” adds James. “It’s a great place to relax and be in the city, it’s so easy here to get outside.”

Story and photo by Nancy J. Parisi