Jarmila & Simon

Jarmila Haseler and Simon Haseler from Irondequoit, NY | Spotted at Garden Walk Buffalo

Jarmila and Simon Haseler of Irondequoit, New York were having a blast on their first Garden Walk Buffalo. “I wish Garden Walk went on even longer. I am happily retired so I could spend many more days touring private gardens here in Buffalo,” Simon says. “We had heard that Garden Walk is the biggest event like this in the nation, and we spent the whole weekend doing this,” Jarmila adds. “It shows huge community pride, and it’s a volunteer effort that’s connecting residents, and neighborhoods. I absolutely love it,” Simon says, “every minute of it. The maps, and volunteers have been very helpful. We also visited the The Martin House, that was spectacular. We are having such a great experience! It’s cultural, historical, aesthetic.”

Photo and story by Nancy J. Parisi