Ilana and her children

Ilana and her two young children were spotted playing on the large Lego wall on Old Falls Street USA next to the Conference and Event Center in Niagara Falls. The trio were spelling out their names and making fun shapes. Ilana and family had ridden the Maid of the Mist earlier in the afternoon. “My son loved it, she was terrified.” Ilana says that a woman gave them a hot tip regarding the raincoats for the Maid of the Mist: “she told us that it’s so hot that the raincoats should be avoided. That is not a good hot tip…wear the raincoats!” On this day trip to Niagara Falls from their home in Brighton, a suburb of Rochester, the family members had driven through Lewiston and eaten at the Brickyard Pub & BBQ. About Niagara Falls and the surrounding attractions Ilana remarks, and wants all parents to know, “It’s pretty easy to get around with a stroller, there are elevators everywhere.”