Divya & Nabin

Exploring the newly reopened @buffaloakgartmuseum for the first time, after reading several stories about its expansion and reinvention, were Divya C. of Henrietta, NY, and Nabin G. of Buffalo. “It has been so beautiful so far,” says Divya. “After here we’ll be going to row boats on Hoyt Lake across the street,” says Nabin. Are they thinking of the Floatmingos, or actual rowboats? “Rowboats!” says Nabin. Who will be rowing the boat? “I’ll be doing all the work,” says Nabin. “I’ll be relaxing,” says Divya. After their Hoyt Lake cruise, the pair had dinner plans. “We’ll be heading to Broderick Park near the river, which is also called ‘Burmese Park,'” says Nabin. “There are Burmese food vendors there every day at 4 or 5 p.m. so we’ll go and check that out.” Had they visited any other sites earlier that day? “We went to the @buffalohistorymuseum,” says Divya. “I loved it. The Native American collection there is incredible, it’s really educational. It’s all the history that we should know.”

Story and photo by @nancyjparisi