Cindy & Craig

Cindy, Craig, Noah and Zachary

Cindy, Craig, Noah and Zachary were taking in Garden Walk Buffalo for the day, visiting from Pittsford, New York, a Rochester suburb. “We actually were supposed to come with my parents and do a boat tour at Erie Basin Marina,” says Cindy, “then we heard about Garden Walk.” “We saw a decent amount of gardens,” adds Craig, “Summer Street was really neat, one of our favorites. We saw twenty or twenty-five gardens.” When asked if they would do Garden Walk again Cindy answers: “Yes, we had no idea the scope of it. We looked at the website this morning, it’s bigger than we thought. The docent on the bus told us that it’s the largest garden walk in the country.” “It’s so overwhelming,” says Craig, “I would suggest coming up with a way to create zones and letting people know ‘If you have X amount of time, go here.’ I would also love to have biked it, maybe with rental bikes.” After enjoying the views of Kleinhans Music Hall and Symphony Circle, the family headed off to Canalside to meet Cindy’s parents for dinner.