Charles, Aurea, Christine & Kurt

In the BUF spotted two couples strolling the grounds of the Martin House, longtime friends who first met when they were all neighbors in Des Moines, Iowa, and who enjoy traveling together two or three times a year. This is the quartet’s first visit to the Martin House. “I’m a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright,” says Christine, “I love how his houses are so streamlined, they look like they’re coming up from the ground.” “Frank Lloyd Wright was definitely a visionary,” says Charles. “This home hasn’t aged, it looks contemporary,” says Christine. “I don’t even have words for how this house blows me away,” says Kurt. “It was a dream come true to tour it. The Asian-inspired gardens surrounding the house are outstanding.” “We just did the two-hour tour,” says Christine, “and Dave, our tour guide, did a great job, he knew everything. Any question we asked him, he knew the answers.” And what else had the four friends done on their trip to Buffalo? “We did a bike tour,” says Charles, “well, actually, it was one of those pedal tours, with drinks, and it was way cool. We went by the baseball stadium – that was awe-inspiring, The Toronto Blue Jays were playing.” “Next up we’re hitting Taste of Buffalo,” says Christine. “We also hiked Devil’s Hole near Niagara Falls,” says Aurea, adding “we’ll also visit Grand Island, since they are from Grand Island, Nebraska.”