Charity & Sarah

Charity Stowe and Sarah Hill of South Bend, Indiana

Friends and colleagues Charity and Sarah drove from South Bend, Indiana to Buffalo. “This is our first time in Buffalo,” says Sarah. “I just love Buffalo,” says Charity, “the community vibe here is just really awesome. This is a vibrant town.” The travel partners had taken a Metro Bus from their Airbnb in @elmwoodvillage to @tasteofbuffalo. “We wanted a place where we could walk to places,” says Charity. “We had the Pop Tarts this morning from @butterblockbuffalo at Bidwell Farmers Market, those are amazing, says Charity.” “I like that the neighborhoods in Buffalo are intact, there’s so much charm here,” says Sarah. “The architecture in the city is incredible.” In addition to Taste of Buffalo the pair list the other spots they’ve checked out on their visit: @tipicocoffee (“four times,” laughs Charity), @cookiesandcream716@buckminsterscatcafe@providencesocialbflo@shoeflybuffalo. “We went to an art opening last night,” says Sarah, “at @hallow_studios. In Buffalo everyone knows each other, everyone is so friendly.” As if to prove the point, they spot Maggie, a woman they met the previous day at Bidwell Market. “Hi, Maggie,” the two say.

Story and photo by @nancyjparisi