Artem, Rebecca, Lucas & Kira

Artem, Rebecca, with their children Lucas and Kira, were beaming after an afternoon spent at the reopened and reinvigorated @buffaloakgartmuseum (the former Albright-Knox Art Gallery). The family, who live in Newberry Park, California, were in Buffalo for ten days, with family activities planned around Rebecca’s brother’s wedding. “The AKG is amazing, beautiful,” said Rebecca, “I grew up in Buffalo so I’m familiar with the collection. The second-floor walkway going from the old to the new building is striking and there are incredible views from the huge windows on the third floor. The play area, and the activities in it, are great.” “We also went to @exploremore716,” added Artem. “Lucas loved it. Explore & More is very hands-on and conceptual – it’s designed with much thought behind the activities that they offer. It’s not short-term entertainment. We also went to the @buffaloscience, Lucas liked the activity where you could explore aerodynamics and build your own car and learn how air projects force out to other objects.” And besides the wedding and family activities where had they been? “We’ve been to some of our favorites here,” Rebecca replied, “@picassos_pizza and @andersonsfrozencustard. There’s nothing like Buffalo pizza and custard.”

Story and photo by @nancyjparisi