Annette & Mary

In the BUF ran into sisters Annette Tiberi, an artist, and Mary Tiberi, a translator and Buffalo ex-pat living in Florence, Italy, strolling among the local fare diners, happy hour sippers, and live music listeners at Food Truck Tuesday at @larkinsquare. Annette, a volunteer at @buffaloakgartmuseum, was excited to be taking her sister to the newly reopened museum later in the week. “I come home to Buffalo once a year and have been to Larkinville before, it’s great, a high-energy place to be and see a lot of different people,” said Mary. “I’m excited to get inside the AKG and see how the familiar spaces that we grew up visiting have been redesigned. Most of my 716 visit is about seeing family and longtime friends: we will have more siblings rolling into town during my visit and the festivities will definitely ramp up!” Besides heading to AKG, Mary was planning stops at other local favorites: @halfandhalf_1088 in @elmwoodvillage@danielacatering restaurant on the West Side, and the Outer Harbor on @buffalowaterfront.

Story and photo by @nancyjparisi