A Hiking Adventure to Akron Falls

By Jay Josker

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TLC was wrong. Go Chase Waterfalls.

Niagara Falls gets a lot of love around here with the whole “Natural Wonder of the World” thing but there’s another waterfall here that provides an up close nature experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a selfie pro, Akron Falls County Park in (where else?) Akron provides some of the most beautiful and accessible scenery in Erie County. Like, Discovery Channel level scenery. And you don’t need the assistance of a sherpa to get to it. All you need is some sturdy footwear, some water, a camera and a sunny day.

It’s an easy hike up Murder Creek to the foot of the falls. On your way you’ll see stone walled paths, budding flora and swift moving water creating mini rapids as it rushes over the rocks. Once you arrive at  the falls you’re greeted by a panoramic view from the water’s edge.


It doesn’t take much to get a great shot so start snapping and pick a filter.

Explore different viewpoints for your perfect future profile pic. Filter or no filter, camera phone or Canon, Akron Falls gives you scenery so brilliant it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture. So get out there and explore Buffalo’s “Other Falls.”

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