Get Your Next Sundae at This Sweet Summer Spot

By Tim Marren

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When you make your way around Western New York, you’ll find dozens of ice cream shops scattered throughout. Some pop up seasonally, while others sling sugary treats all year-round. And like their menus, these shops come in every shape and size.

But I don’t think there’s a more unique and historic ice cream spot than Sweet Jenny’s Ice Cream in the quaint Village of Williamsville.

Tucked into a corner of the one-way East Spring Street you’ll find delicious desserts served out of a 215-year-old former water mill.

The 1811 Williamsville Water Mill was essentially saved from demolition several years ago when the Cadmus family purchased the old building after leasing it for years.

Sweet Jenny’s has been dishing the freshest frozen treats you can find since the mid ‘80s. How do they make everything so fresh? Because they produce their small batches of ice cream and chocolates right on site.

And believe me – you can taste the difference.

Our family of four visited on a recent June evening, and before knowing it was produced on site with wholesome ingredients, we commented how fresh our scoops tasted. According to their website, products are often available for sale the very day they’re made.

Before ordering from the front window, peruse their large menu of scoops, shakes and sundaes. They have flavors served daily, as well as special flavors rotated in from, quite literally, thousands of options. So, it’s worth several trips just to occasionally catch a new flavor.

In addition to traditional ice cream, they also make frozen soft serve custard, vegan ice cream, sorbet, low fat frozen yogurt, fat & sugar free ice cream and even doggie safe scoops for your four-legged friends. Parent tip: we opted for kiddie sizes for our little ones since we were pushing bedtime. But even the kiddie sizes were pretty generous.

There didn’t appear to be indoor seating available, but there are plenty of options outside. You’ll find a cute courtyard area with a few tables, as well as a few just left of the ordering area. And don’t forget, Glen Park with Glen Falls is just steps away if you’re looking for a pretty spot to enjoy your Sweet Jenny’s.

Step inside Sweet Jenny’s and you’ll find their retail shop featuring rows and rows of chocolate, candies, confections, and cakes to order. Oh, and if you’d like a pint or quart of their ice cream to go – they have you covered with tons of flavors.

To add to the fun of this old building, on the second floor of the Mill there’s a comic shop, aptly named 1811 Comics. Look through comics – new and old – as well as toys, collectibles, and take a selfie with their life-sized superheroes.

1811 Comics

Ice cream, comics and a cool setting – this place has it all.

Summer is here! And I can’t think of a better complement to the season than a fresh, homemade scoop (or three) of Sweet Jenny’s Ice Cream while soaking in the sun.

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Sweet Jenny’s Ice Cream, 56 East Spring St, Williamsville

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