Feel Like a Kid Again at Dawn’s Candy Shack 

By Tim Marren

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Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Have a hankering for something sugary? If so, hit the gas for Dawn’s Candy Shack in Clarence Center to stock up on tons of tasty treats. 

Even before stepping foot in this colorful candy emporium, you’ll find free treats for your four-legged friends – right at the front door. A sure sign you’re about to enter a special place. 

Simply put, the family-owned Dawn’s Candy Shack (you’ll probably meet Dawn!) is your one-stop-shop for an amazing selection of sugary and sweet treats from days gone by, and confectionary creations from today that are sure to make everyone smile. 

Photos by Dawn’s Candy Shack / Facebook

And don’t let the “shack” name scare you away. Dawn’s is a candy boutique, of sorts, that’s beautifully arranged from floor to ceiling with rows and rows of delectable delights. 

From milk chocolate to bulk gummies, Dawn’s is jam packed with classics from every era. If you’re not feeling nostalgic in the first 5 seconds you’re there – check your pulse. 

What makes Dawn’s Candy Shack so special is you can grab packages of your favorite treats, or create bulk bags of candy for just pennies. It’s the type of old school candy shop that fills you with joy the moment you walk in. And everything is reasonably priced. 

Photos by Dawn’s Candy Shack / Facebook

Best of all, Dawn’s is more than gobs and gobs of candy that would make Willy Wonka jealous. You can also find great local gifts, greeting cards, and other novelties to take home for yourself of give as a special gift (just not your dentist). Dawn’s also has allergy safe treats and party favors for events of every size. 

On my visit I brought my daughters – 9 and 7 – each armed with a crisp Abe Lincoln each from Gammy for Easter. After pacing the store in awe for what seemed like an hour, they finally landed on building half-pound bags of bulk candy for just $3! It was far more sugar than they needed, but they were smiling ear to ear the whole ride home and couldn’t wait to show mom what they picked.  

It’s a fantastic spot for little ones – or big ones who want to feel little again! 

What makes Dawn’s even more special is its location. The small business is in the cute and quaint Clarence Four Corners area. Next-door neighbor to Mardee’s, and a stone’s throw from Gertie’s Restaurant, The Perfect Gift, Toasted, Clarence Center Coffee, and more. The Clarence Bike Path, Clarence Soccer Center, and other popular nearby spots. 

Whether you’re looking for a unique treat that brings back childhood memories, or something sweet for that special someone, Dawn’s Candy Shack is a one-of-a-kind local candy shop that’s worth a stop!

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Dawn’s Candy Shack, 6045 Goodrich Rd, Clarence Center, NY
(716) 368-2552 / Facebook

Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 12pm-6:30pm, Friday: 12pm-6pm, Saturday: 11am-4:30pm

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Tim Marren

Tim is a former journalist turned advertising copywriter. Think Don Draper, minus the bad habits. Most of them, anyway. He’s a lifelong Western New Yorker, currently living in Clarence.