Explore the Buffalo River on a Water Bike

By Samantha Wulff

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A Buffalo summer just wouldn’t be complete without some time spent on the water. Boats and kayaks are nice, but if you’re feeling venturesome than a water bike may be in your future.

Water Bikes of Buffalo are conveniently located on the boardwalk at Canalside and allow you to explore one of Buffalo’s most treasured waterways from a new perspective. Owners Lisa and Peter Florczak opened this aquatic bicycle company back in 2013 and have had nothing but positive feedback since. The strongest indication of this unique activity’s success is the expansion of their fleet, more than doubling from seven to about two dozen water bikes in a few short years.

Photo by Water Bikes of Buffalo (Facebook)

The couple also owns the popular Ice Bikes of Buffalo, paddle boats and their and made-for-kids pedal boards.

“The water bikes and the pedal boards are for people who are a little more adventurous,” Lisa said. “The paddle boats are great for families, and we have small ones just for children too. They love it because the wheel is open and they can see the water move around in it.”

You can rent a water bike seven days a week from 11am-7pm until Labor Day. Once you get set up with your bike, strap on your vest and start pedaling, the wheel is — well, handlebars are — in your hands. You can choose to travel as far down the river as the majestic Buffalo Lighthouse and as far up the river as your purchased time will get you. Moving up the river you’ll pass the likes of Buffalo RiverWorks, Buffalo River Fest Park, the historic grain elevators and the always fragrant General Mills factory. The water bikes work just like bicycles; operating them is as simple as pedaling and steering – you don’t even have to worry about balance they’re so sturdy. The only rules involved with riding the water bikes are no jumping or doing tricks (what tricks those may be, we’re not sure, but rules are made for a reason…) and staying close to the shore.

Rentals are $18/hour for a single bike and $36/hour for a tandem (side-by-side) bike.

When you’re out there and you have a spare thought aside from how spectacular the views are, you’ll likely ask yourself the same question Lisa asked me: “Do you smell the Cheerios?”

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Water Bikes of Buffalo, near 44 Prime St, Buffalo, NY
waterbikesofbuffalo.com | 716-681-4643 | Facebook | Instagram

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