The Furious Bongos

Buffalo Iron Works
49 Illinois Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

May 13, 2024

Starting: 7:00 PM

$15 – $20

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The Furious Bongos & A Frank Zappa Project Feat Members of Dweezil Zappa’s Band performs live at Buffalo Iron Works.

Live music is back and so are The Furious Bongos!  This fiery band is making a long-awaited return to many of their favorite venues to celebrate the mother of all musicians: Frank Zappa.

Actually, we’re just a bunch of professional musicians with pretty diverse backgrounds who decided to take on a pretty big challenge and have some fun in the process.

When it came to the music, Frank was constantly changing things, and he allowed his band members to bring their unique voices to the table. He also understood that his live performances were entertainment: it’s supposed to be a rock show, not a piano recital.

With that in mind, we don’t think playing Song X from Album Y note-for-note while staring at our shoes is the proper way to go about this.

The result of that approach (combined with a lot of homework) is a show that pays respect to Zappa’s legacy, but is also new and different and dangerous and FUN, with lots of eyebrows.Kinda like Frank.