Assembly House 150 Tours

Assembly House 150
150 Edward Street
Buffalo, NY 14201

May 11, 2024, June 8, 2024, July 13, 2024, August 10, 2024, September 14, 2024, October 12, 2024, November 9, 2024

Starting: 12:00 PM


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Join us for the return of the Assembly House 150 tours. Assembly House is an immersive artwork by Dennis Maher and Assembly House 150 that transforms a historic former church into a continuously evolving architectural dreamworld. Tours guide our guests through this total environment, which consists of an ever-changing ensemble of restored and newly-built architectural fragments, sculptural furnishings, models, and other artifacts, interwoven with layers of the surrounding building. The reimagined church is a place of architectural discovery and inspiration. Each tour provides the unique opportunity to see the latest transformations of the extraordinary interior, as well as projects under construction.