Alex McArthur Quartet

PAUSA Art House
19 Wadsworth Street
Buffalo, NY 14201

May 23, 2024

Starting: 7:00 PM

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Alex is a dynamic jazz vocalist on the rise who uses her passion for creativity, storytelling, & authentic expression as her musical compass. She resides in Buffalo, NY, and loves working with creative minds in order to paint pictures and tell stories as truthfully as she feels.Having studied with jazz masters like Bobby Militello, George Caldwell, & John Bacon Jr. in Buffalo, her appreciation for instrumental jazz and improvisation began at a young age, and aided in the formulation of her unique voice. Alex is a firm believer that the voice is an instrument, and can be utilized to tell a story in the same way as a saxophone or trumpet. She is unafraid to take chances and see where her voice can take her.