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By Lindsay Hyatt

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There’s no better time than the start of summer to get out and get acquainted, or for locals – get reacquainted, with Buffalo’s local food scene. That’s exactly what I had the opportunity to do with Buffalo Food Tours on a picturesque June day.

Newly launched, Buffalo Food Tours is determined to prove that Buffalo is “more than just chicken wings.” They currently offer a walking tour of the Elmwood Village, complete with diverse small plates, sips and a side of Buffalo history. Owner and international traveler Adam Sandecki returned home to Western New York with a plan to explore his passion for food and shared experiences.

Vegan Smoked Salmon “Lox” sandwich from Tipico Coffee

“During the pandemic, our plan was to return to the states, more specifically Buffalo, and I knew this would be a perfect time to attempt something new,” Adam explained. “Food has always been a passion of mine. I love to find new or old restaurants that are either hidden gems or unexpectedly putting out quality food.”

Walking tours occur rain or shine and typically include 5-7 stops. My adventure included bites at Tipico Coffee, Taste of Siam, Charlie the Butcher’s Carvery, Forty Thieves Kitchen & Bar, Watson’s Chocolates, with a refreshing palate cleanser at Squeeze Juicery. Each stop featured a sampling unique to the establishment and in some cases, a history lesson. At Taste of Siam, I enjoyed handmade wide rice noodles with chicken and fresh vegetables while learning of Thai family recipes that began on Hertel Avenue more than 20 years ago.

House Noodles (Savory Peanut) with Chicken from Taste of Siam, Banana Crunch Rolls from Forty Thieves Kitchen & Bar & Mini Beef from Charlie the Butcher’s Carvery

At Charlie the Butcher’s, I dined on a classic beef on weck sandwich and learned that Charles E. Roesch, Mayor of Buffalo from 1930 to 1934, went on to open up the now infamous butcher shop at the Broadway Market. Needless to say, the local history was as robust as the food itself.

We enjoyed an incredible vegan smoked salmon “lox” sandwich from Tipico, stuffed banana pepper crunch rolls at Forty Thieves, capping off the experience with dark chocolate sponge candy and ice cream from Watson’s. Each location demonstrated that one beloved street can showcase both famous favorites and the diversity of Buffalo cuisine. One thing is for sure: you will not go hungry.

“This past year and a half has been so hard on so many. It’s been a pleasure getting to talk with new people who are excited about getting back outside and going to restaurants again. It’s been great sharing that with them,” Adam says.

A gorgeous display at Watson’s Chocolates

Online booking is now open for tours on Thursdays and Fridays from 11:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Private tours are available for groups seeking a personalized itinerary. Each tour will include appetizers, a lunch item and dessert. Drinks are available for an extra fee. The maximum party is 10 people, age 12+.

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