Currently Obsessed With: Goodrich Coffee & Tea

By Karen Fashana

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“In the last six months, I’ve gone from a weekend-only Folgers drinker to an every-day-of-the-week local java junkie. My current jam? Goodrich Coffee.

The staff at Goodrich takes all of the pretentiousness out of the coffee-ordering experience, which is clutch for a newbie like myself. I roll up to their Clarence drive-thru, give them my spiel about needing a coffee recommendation that’ll give me a quick jolt to get amped up for remote learning but falls short of making my heart beat out of my chest. I laugh. They laugh and say they know just what I need. But it takes more than a friendly barista to warrant obsession. The coffee has to be buzzworthy and a cup of their Burundi delivers every time. Smooth and creamy with the perfect amount of giddy up. It’s the kind of coffee you want to cozy up with on a crisp Fall morning and read a book. (But there’s no time for reading…those 1st grade math problems aren’t going to subtract themselves.)”

– Karen Fashana, Marketing Director for Visit Buffalo Niagara

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Karen Fashana

Lifelong Buffalonian with a crazy passion for this city. My job as the Senior Director of Marketing at Visit Buffalo Niagara is a match made in heaven. Go Bills!