Classic Buffalo Spotlight: Salvatore’s Italian Gardens

By Charlie Fashana

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Salvatore’s Italian Gardens is one of Western New York’s most iconic restaurants. Long known for boasting elaborate decor and serving incredible food, today’s Salvatore’s may not be the Salvatore’s you knew in the 80s, 90s or even 2000s.

The atmosphere still offers the formal dining experience, complete with tuxedo-adorned wait staff, but the ambiance is just as much comfortable and relaxing as it is fancy. The menu has evolved into what I would call sophisticated casual, with new takes on entrees and appetizers.


Photo courtesy of Salvatore’s Hospitality

And really, you could call it as much of a steakhouse as an Italian restaurant. I challenge you to find a better steak in town.

I’d also venture to say you wouldn’t think of Salvatore’s as the place to head to for a night of wine tasting and small plate samplings at the bar – but you should. The last time I was there I cozied myself up at the Chandelier Bar, ordered a great red wine and had the new “Salvatore’s Roll.” Served on a long plate with a sushi-like presentation, this compilation of orzo, pancetta, asparagus, mozzarella and chicken, wrapped with prosciutto and topped with red sauce, absolutely blew my mind.

The only appropriate Italian response I could come up with was “forgettaboutit.”


Beyond all this, today you can also call the Italian Gardens a hotel and a salon and a spa. Recent additions of the Delevan Hotel and Capello Salon & Spa have taken the already incredible space to another level (four if you’re counting floors).


Photo courtesy of Salvatore’s Hospitality

And if you happen to be paying a visit during the December holiday season, you’re in for a treat – an intricate, festive, decorative display that would give even the shops on 5th Avenue in New York City a run for their money.

From Santa’s workshop to winter wonderland and everything in between, you’ll immediately appreciate the six weeks of preparation it takes for Salvatore’s to kick off their holiday season.

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