Classic Buffalo Spotlight: The Polish Villa

By Katie McKenna

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Buffalo Niagara’s restaurant revival has put the region on the national food map.  New eateries seem to be part of everyday conversation while we witness the upcoming generation of chefs participate in the next big food movement.  But amid Instagram-worthy food trends, Western New York’s rich history reminds us that a place like The Polish Villa restaurant is still woven deep into our culinary fabric.

The Polish Villa opened its doors in Cheektowaga, NY, and has given Western New Yorkers the gift of an authentic taste of Poland for more than 40 years.  Here you’ll find friendly people, a relaxed setting and a variety of traditional Polish dishes that won’t break your budget.

Admittedly, I am not familiar with Polish cuisine so my trip to The Polish Villa was educational.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable – eager and prepared to answer my barrage of questions.

I made one faux pas by inquiring, too loudly, if pierogis were “like raviolis without the red sauce.”  The Polka music screeched to a halt.

Turns out, they’re really not.

The Polish Platter

In an effort to recover from my rookie mistake I went straight for a menu item that delivered maximum variety – The Polish Platter. With a good portion of just about everything, the platter allowed me to sample the basics of Polish cuisine: one golabek (ground pork, beef and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves beneath a mild red sauce), two kielbasa (fresh and smoked), two pierogi of my choice (cheese and sauerkraut), and a crispy, golden potato pancake. Also included was soup or salad accompanied by fresh rye bread with whipped butter.  They also have a nice selection of homemade desserts—try the nalesniki, a Polish crepe that’s served plain, or can be filled with one of nine fruit or cheese fillings. All items were handmade, delicious and plentiful!

Nalesniki – Photo courtesy of Polish Villa

If you’re looking for a modernized version of the pierogi, this isn’t the place for you.  The Polish Villa delivers on its promise to bring traditional and palette-pleasing fare to its guests in a warm, family-like atmosphere.

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The Polish Villa, 2954 Union Road, Cheektowaga, NY | (716) 683-9460 |

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