Classic Buffalo Spotlight: DiTondo’s Tavern

By Kristy Kibler

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DiTondo’s Tavern has been a Buffalo staple since 1904, a remarkable feat when you think about how much Buffalo has evolved over that time period. However, appreciation of some things never change—things like family atmosphere, Italian home cooking and generous portions. DiTondo’s does it all, with a friendly hello to start and a piece of homemade pie for dessert.

The family-owned DiTondo’s caters to a lunch crowd, only opening from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. every week day. Friday is the exception, on which they open back up from 5-9 p.m. for their one dinner service of the week. Both hungry regulars and curious newcomers flood in during the lunchtime rush, but the quick and friendly service means you can almost always find a seat.

It is a cash-only establishment, though there is an ATM near the entrance.

The menu is short, but everything on it has been perfected. The spaghetti parmesan is a must-have—expertly cooked spaghetti with DiTondo’s famous sauce, with mozzarella baked and bubbling over it all. You can customize it however you please; whether you want to add a meatball, sausage, or a cup of extra sauce, there’s a menu line for each.

Other favorites include the sausage or meatball sandwiches and fried bologna with cheese and onions. There’s also an extensive list of daily specials, featuring fare such as a chicken parmesan sandwich, stuffed hot peppers, burgers, spinach salad, and more.

As for the dinner menu, the feature items are linguini with clam sauce or spaghetti, topped with options like a meatball, rolled steak or breaded chicken breast. There’s also a full bar, which is open for the lunch shift as well.

And oh, those homemade pies, in rotating flavors of everything from strawberry to coconut cream and key lime—no matter how full you are, make sure you order a slice. There’s always room for pie when they’re as good as the ones at DiTondo’s.

DiTondo’s, with its mix of wood paneling and warm red wallpaper, is one of the homiest restaurants in Buffalo. Its history is displayed proudly throughout its interior, from family photos on the walls to clippings of past press coverage, and the waitresses greet you like they’ve known you forever. There’s no pretense here—only a genuine welcome. It’s the type of atmosphere that makes you excited for your next visit before the current one is over.

For more on DiTondo’s, visit their Facebook page.

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Kristy Kibler is a lifelong Western New Yorker, proud St. Bonaventure grad and former journalist who now works in the Communications Office at Trocaire College.