Classic Buffalo Spotlight: Antoinette’s Sweets

By Samantha Wulff

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Hot fudge sundaes are like snowflakes — each one is an expressly unique work of art. All snowflakes are beautiful, but some naturally stand out above the rest. As far as hot fudge sundaes are concerned, Antoinette’s Sweets is the place to go for that special snowflake.

Antoinette’s Sweets is located at 5981 Transit Road in Depew, at the French Road intersection, less than five miles away from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. They have been serving homemade ice cream, toppings and sweets out of their current location since 1958. The family business dates back to 1915, when they were located in East Buffalo. With over 100 years in Western New York, it’s no surprise that this establishment has such a strong local following.


Alexandra, John & Peter Morphis (4th-generation owner)

But about that hot fudge sundae…

I’ll preface this by saying I’ve never met a hot fudge sundae that I haven’t liked. That being said, it’s no exaggeration that the hot fudge sundae I recently had at Antoinette’s was so far beyond satisfactory that it’s almost a disservice to compare it to others I’ve had. So I won’t. I’ll just paint you a picture.


It starts with a large scoop of smooth and creamy homemade vanilla ice cream as the base. Then hot homemade fudge is generously poured over the ice cream. If you answer yes to, “Do you want whipped cream?” you’ll then receive an extremely generous helping of the thick, homemade heavy-cream-and-sugar whipped cream on top and dolloped around the edges. But you’re not done just yet. Drizzle a little hot fudge over the top for good measure and serve with a glass of water. Voila!


As I dug into my masterpiece and attempted to balance each bite with an equal measure of warm and cold, I was taking in the old world charm that surrounded me. Perhaps one of the reasons Antoinette’s has such a welcoming environment — aside from the friendly workers — is that the decor is reminiscent of your grandparent’s house. From the old wooden tables and booths to the seasonally-relevant decor and photos hanging behind the counter, the old world charm is palpable.

In addition to ice cream and sundaes, Antoinette’s also offers an impressive assortment of chocolates and candies that they make right on the premises. Don’t pass up the sponge candy or you’ll regret it. If you’re so inclined, you can send that sponge candy, along with other chocolate creations, anywhere in the United States. They take orders through their website.

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Samantha Wulff

Samantha Wulff is a Southtowns-raised Buffalonian with a journalism degree and a passion for music, tea and sunny days.