Classic Buffalo Spotlight: Anderson’s Frozen Custard

By Charlie Fashana

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Many of us have fond childhood memories of going out for ice cream. The kid-equivalent of winning the lottery, few things can provide more joy than a cold, sweet treat on a hot summer day.

Cars cruise in and out of the parking lot, you see the old-fashioned sign adorning the rooftop, and the only thing separating you from your custard is the line of eager people at the outdoor walk-up ordering window. The anticipation turns into delight when that chocolate and vanilla twist is handed to you. It’s a perfect moment.


Anderson’s Custard Twist & Beef on Weck

Today, the taste of this nostalgia – and the glorious soft serve – is still very much here, with a few modern twists.

The menu is much bigger, and more colorful. Retractable glass garage doors now surround restaurant tables and chairs, providing more seating and weather-proof access to your dessert. Ordering is still done at the counter, and if you look past the new facade and well-lit menus, you’ll see that classic sign and relic building that takes you back to the good ol’ days.


The one thing that remains positively unchanged? The tasty goodness.

This twist, with chocolate sprinkles, is for you folks!

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