Classic Buffalo Spotlight: Aléthea’s Chocolates

By Charlie Fashana

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Picture the scene from It’s a Wonderful Life. Young George Bailey is serving up the finest sweets to affectionate patrons. From chocolate to candies to sodas, the variety seems endless. And even in a black and white movie, the atmosphere feels tangible and the smells real. That scene alone really depicted a wonderful life!

Fast forward to today, those types of confectioner shops sure can be hard to find. But Aléthea’s Ice Cream Parlour and Candy Shop at 8301 Main Street allows for that rewind to the good old days.

As a family-owned shop, special or “secret” recipes have been passed on from decade to decade, and the in-house creation of the sweets guarantees not only fresh, but unique treats.

Walking through the front door of the old farm house, you’re greeted with a checker tile floor in the entryway, surely reminiscent of old-time decor. Seconds after opening the second door you’re faced with the dilemma of turning left to get chocolates and candies, or turn right to get ice creams and sodas.

Ahh decisions, decisions.

You can’t rely on your sense of smell to guide you, as the sugary aromas seem to come from all angles. You’ll have to make a choice. It comes down to a matter of purpose. Do you need sweets to go, or to satiate your sweet tooth now?

My recommendation: don’t rush. Head into the bright and cozy parlour and grab a table. Peruse the long menu and grab something tasty and savor it. You’ll need multiple trips to try all of the home-made goodies – be it coffees, hot chocolate, pies or ice-cream sodas (known to some as floats) – but you’ve got to start somewhere.

From there, awaiting you in the candy shop will be a wide variety of their specialty sponge candy, fudge, truffles, assorted chocolate, ribbon candy, and seemingly a chocolate mold for every interest, hobby, animal or religious belief await you on the left.

There’s nothing but winning here. So indulge. It’s an experience worth savoring.

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