YMCA Building

45 W. Mohawk Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

The former YMCA building in Buffalo is architecturally and historically significant for its skillful and innovative siting and design by one of Buffalo’s most prominent turn of the century architectural firms. The building was commissioned in 1901 as a new facility for the second oldest YMCA chapter in the US. In designing the English-Flemish Renaissance style building, Green and Wicks took advantage of the broad property on one of the radiating avenues just off of Niagara Square, and sited the building to dominate the triangular intersection.

The 10 story tower further distinguished the YMCA as one of the first tall buildings to be built in downtown Buffalo. Green and Wicks were also sensitive to the philosophy of the YMCA movement and incorporated several features into the building in order to encourage single young men to adopt the conservative lifestyle promoted by the association. The Buffalo YMCA was among the first to provide extensive accommodations for lodgers and was the very first two include a spa, features that later became standard in YMCA buildings around the country.