William Sydney Wicks House

124 Jewett Parkway
Buffalo, NY 14214

This imposing half-timber dwelling was the home of William Sydney Wicks (1854-1919), partner of Edward B. Green (1855-1950) in the firm of Green and Wicks, Buffalo’s foremost architectural office at the turn of the century. The firm was in business from 1880-1917 when Wicks retired.

Wicks, who was born in Oneida Country in central New York in 1854, trained at MIT and Cornell, where he later designed several campus buildings. In 1881 he went into partnership with Green at Auburn, New York; two years later they both moved to Buffalo, where the firm endured until 1917 when Wicks retired.

In Buffalo, Wicks served as park commissioner from 1897 to 1900 and did much to promote the Parkside community, where he lived for thirty years.