St. Louis Roman Catholic Church

780 Main Street at Edward
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 852-6040 Visit Website

Built on land given by Louis Stephen Le Couteulx, a French nobleman, the present church was dedicated in 1889 to replace an earlier brick church, which was destroyed by fire. Possibly the most distinctive feature of this great church, designed in the Gothic style by the New York firm of Schikel & Ditmars, is the 245-foot octagonal Medina sandstone steeple, the top 72 feet of which is a pierced spire. This spire is the tallest openwork spire ever built in the United State which is made completely of stone and without reinforcement. The dramatic Gothic interior is illuminated by wonderful stained glass and has a great deal of carved wood and stone statuary.

The Church is also home to the German Heritage Museum, offering a Christmas mass in German and celebrating other German festivals throughout the year. The Museum is open by appointment only.