Paul’s Organic Farm

8213 Center Road
Holland, NY 14080
(716) 941-6905 Visit Website

Our 50-acre organic fruit farm consists of 300 semi-dwarf apple trees, 50 stone fruit trees, 200 kiwi vines, 4,000 blueberry plants, 3,000 strawberry plants, 500 raspberry plants, and several hundred blackberry plants. If you have a specific variety of fruit you’re looking for, please see our ripening charts to coordinate your picking adventure.

We also offer educational tours of our farm, including the greenhouse/aquaponics facility, the turbine that powers it, and how everything works together to comprise the first self-sustaining farm in WNY. We like to think of ourselves as a destination location, and invite you to picnic in our orchards, paddle our lake, and enjoy great tasting fruit.