Liberty Building

420 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 855-1900

Built in 1925, the 23 story office tower is a rare example of Neoclassical architecture. At the time of its completion, the Liberty Building was the largest office building in downtown Buffalo and was built for Liberty Bank to serve as their headquarters. The Liberty Bank was originally called the German American Bank but its name was changed to the Liberty Bank after WWI to remove any connection to that war’s main enemy. In order to illustrate the bank’s new image, the building was christened with three replicas of the Statue of Liberty sculpted by Leo Lentelli in 1925. Two statues on the roof; one facing west, and the other facing east, representing Buffalo’s strategic location on the Great Lakes. A third statue was placed over the Main Street entrance. Only the rooftop statues remain today. They stand 36 feet tall and are illuminated at night.