Jim’s Steakout – Tonawanda

Jim’s Steakout is a locally-owned Buffalo tradition, using only the highest quality brand name products to prepare the best quality food. Food is served fresh, hot, and fast, in a convenient and fun environment. They take great pride in our status as a Buffalo tradition and are loyal supporters of the Buffalo community. So next time you’re hungry, make sure to you drop by any one of Jim’s nine convenient locations!

2180 Sheridan Drive,
Buffalo, NY 14223
(716) 873-0300

Mon: 10:30am-2am
Tue: 10:30am-2am
Wed: 10:30am-2am
Thu: 10:30am-5am
Fri: 10:30am-5am
Sat: 10:30am-5am
Sun: 10:30am-2am