Hopkins Pottery

2495 Main Street, Suite 514
c/o Buffalo Arts Studio
Buffalo, NY 14214
(716) 830-0155 hopkinspottery@me.com Visit Website

Working in porcelain, a clay medium long associated with fine china, contemporary American ceramicist Bryan Hopkins creates exquisite sculptural vessel forms (both functional and non-functional) that are characterized by their intriguing trompe l’oiel surface textures and seemingly fragile architectonic shapes. Porcelain, in fact, is known for its strength and durability. His monochromatic approach allows the translucency of the porcelain to be heightened, resulting in a masterful interplay of light and shadow. The vocabulary of shape and form that Hopkins has developed for his work is highly distinctive. His works have been included in many national and international ceramic art survey exhibitions and profiled in publications such as the Australian published Ceramics Art & Perception. A native of Philadelphia who also teaches ceramics, Hopkins is one of eight clay artisans who work in the ceramics suite facility that is part of Buffalo Arts Studio, a complex of studio spaces for artists of all media, galleries and a gift shop.