Glass Roots Studio

600 Crescent Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14214
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Stained glass artisan Jane Jacobson is highly respected for her commissioned work for corporate, residential and religious clients. With an education in art history and architecture, and advanced training in conservation at the renowned York Glaziers’ Trust in England, she is well suited for this field since glass requires it makers to have a keen sense of design and the technical skill to adequately address the structural concerns relating to elements such as windows, doors and skylights – integral components of architecture. Much of her designs entail working closely with clients and their architects and contractors. She names as her inspiration Tiffany, Wright and Mackintosh among other Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts Style visionaries. Jacobson views stained glass as a highly personal and poetic medium and accordingly describes it as “an orchestration of line, form, color, texture and light singing in harmony.” Her studio and showroom is located in the pastoral Parkside neighborhood that was laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted.