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241 Lexington Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
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White Cow Dairy comes from Blue Hill Farm, a fourth-generation, collaborational, family operation making foods from the milk of a hand-picked herd of homegrown grazing cows.

In a kitchen not more than a few meters from the cow stable, comes a year-round repertoire of ‘fresh dairy’, the likes of which few have seen (nor tasted) in a century or so… custards, puddings, creams, grassy yogurts, whey tonics, fresh cheeses, and savory spiced sauces. And, while the milk for these foods descends from the hilltops, the maple and syrups to flavor it, are gathered and boiled from the hillside forests, along with wild herbs, wildflowers, berries, & apples; most of which, and everything made, all comes no further, than a stone’s throw away.