Deniro’s Pizzeria

2251 George Urban Boulevard
Depew, NY 14043
(716) 681-5555 Visit Website

Deniro’s is a tiny pizzeria with a yellow awning around the corner from the Duff’s on Dick Road. Their classic cup-and-char pizza is a lion of a pie. Most slices don’t have less than 12 rounds of pepperoni (some have twice that) providing a burst of spicy pepper flavor and ‘roni edge crackle with every bite. There’s ample cheese with cheese pulls on bites midway through the slice—but not so much you can’t see the sauce, which is thoroughly, though not swimmingly, applied. It’s a bendy slice with a soft undercarriage and little crispiness except at the crust, which is dark at the very edge and tastes delicious. Unless there’s someone you really love who you need to get back to with food, this is quintessential parking lot pizza: place on the passenger seat, flip open, eat, repeat. (Just a 10-minute drive to the airport, Deniro’s is a terrific first or last bite on the way in or out of town).