Buffalo Heritage Carousel

44 Prime Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
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Our solar-powered carousel celebrates the history of carousel manufacturing in Western New York and our legacy of leadership in the use of renewable energy that began in 1901 with the transmission of hydro-electric power from Niagara Falls to Buffalo. Carousels manufactured in WNY began their journey to worldwide destinations on the Erie Canal. By locating it at the western terminus of the Erie Canal it will be accessible to the existing hydro-powered Metro Rail, pedestrian and bicycle paths and the Queen City Ferry. Our purchased and restored De Angelis Carousel is a vintage, park-style, menagerie carousel, custom designed and manufactured in 1924 by Spilllman Engineering in N.Tonawanda for Dominick DeAngelis. The carousel is enclosed, to provide year ’round access. It will be powered by the sun and surrounded by an educational ‘path’ demonstrating the use of the sun to power the carousel.