Artone’s Pizza & Subs

1882 Seneca Street
Buffalo, NY 14210
(716) 822-2311 Visit Website

Artone’s is just a sliver of a place on Seneca Street in South Buffalo with a yellow sign out front, but the inside bleeds red, white, and blue with a series of patriotic signs that say things like, “This is America. We play in the snow… we eat chicken wings and pizza. We love football.” It’s enough to make you want to order both and start a pickup game, but you’ll settle for a slice. Artone’s sauce has a classic sweet Buffalo bent (you can actually see tomato seeds in the sauce), the pepperoni is picture-worthy cup-and-char, and the cornicione has a 1/4-inch brown lip that is crispy and thin. There’s a lighter brown strip about the same size, a bit thicker, that joins the edge to the rest of the crust. And the sauce coastline starts before the cheese.