War of 1812

War of 1812

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Old Fort Niagara

In the years following the Revolutionary War, tensions between the US and Great Britain still remained. In 1812, the United States engaged in a war against the United Kingdom, its North American colonies in Canada and their American Indian allies. One of the three major theaters for this two-and-a-half year war was located on the American-Canadian frontier.

Old Fort Niagara was one of the war’s battlegrounds. Originally built by the French 1678 to protect their interests in North America, Old Fort Niagara began the war in American hands, but was captured and controlled by the British from 1813-1815.

In December of 1813, all but three buildings in Buffalo were torched by British troops, in retaliation for American troops burning what is now picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Throughout Ontario you’ll find important sites from this conflict, including Old Fort Erie, Chippawa Battlefield and Fort George.

British forces relinquished Old Fort Niagara to the US with the Treaty of Ghent and the fort has been under American control ever since. In all, the fort has played a role in multiple wars, ranging from the Battle of Fort Niagara in the French & Indian War to serving as a training station for soldiers during WWl and WWll. A visit to this historic and scenic site will transport you back in time as costumed interpreters and reenactors reveal the stories behind this legendary stronghold.